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How to fix stained or blotchy colored concrete.
No!, It's not Apocalyptic Zombie Concrete!
This is what moisture problems in concrete looks like.

The moisture problems in this San Diego beach home's exterior concrete surfaces were pretty obvious.
This home was going on the market soon and the cost to tear out and replace was too expensive, but the owner did not want to leave the new owners with an eye sore.

You can't succesfully lighten colored concrete. Blothyness will not even out.
Moisture Problems In Concrete

Exterior concrete is always exposed to the elements of nature as well as landscaping environments and features, like ponds and fountains, etc.

High humidity and hot weather also contribute to the absorbion of moisture in concrete.

During hot weather, the concrete acts as a heat sink, drawing moisture at a fast rate from the moisture traveling through the soil.

Cold weather assists by causing expansion and contraction of the concrete matrix. The preassure forces moisture to the surface, as well as integral color oxides to the surface, where the ultra violate burns it off, causing these cloudy patterns where color no longer exists.

The other effect is the reinforcement in the concrete rusts, the oxygen, iron, and various chemicals react and can add to the unwanted color paletes.

And of course, with the constant dynamics, cracks and divots and frying begin to occur.

Concrete Remodelers has been fixing concrete problems for over 20 years in San Diego.
But it's BLANK
Yeah, tell me about it, ... it's almost scary!

Concrete Remodelers' CRO coloration topping system allows us to completely remodel the concrete surface aesthetic!
Blank Concrete Never Looked So Good!

Moisture problems in concrete and colored concrete.
From Zombie sacrificing altar ....
to "plain ole neighborhood gray concrete"
We can help you replace your troubles and even add some flair!

Call Concrete Remodelers today and lets discuss your problems... I mean your concrete issues!
Concrete is known for its unique dynamics that work against it. We will be honest in our evaluation and let you know whether or not there is a solution. We truly care about your peace and investment, and we also want to make sure any limitations which your concrete is subjected to are discussed completely. Our expertise is aesthetics, so we are sensitive to your design objective.

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Problems with colored concrete and integral color.
Mismatched Integral Concrete Pours

It is quite common for concrete to be mismatched especially when there are many batches involved. Unfortunately the problem is usually discovered after the concrete is placed and beginning to dry. Concrete Remodelers is often brought in to remedy the problem.

Evening out integral colored concrete
5 Different integral colors in a small area!

Pouring concrete is a challenging task, especially if the engineering is worked into the aesthetics of even the most minimalistic of concrete designs. It would appear to be an easy project making all the concrete come out the same color. However, if you focus on the joint pattern, you will begin to appreciate that they were engineered to reduce cracking in the long term. These patterns require multiple concrete pours and seperate forms to pour them by.
With each new concrete batch originating at the batch plant, the risks are pretty high that colors will not be an exact match. Even though the mix design order is the same, the variables back at the batch plant, the climate, and distance delivered all effect the end result.

We fix concrete color that does not match.
Mismatched Residential Concrete

This is a close up of a walkway. It was poured with the exact same mix design. The pour required two stages. The results were discoraging, but demolition and repouring were too risky.

Concrete Remodelers will fix problems with colored concrete.
Concrete Remodelers finished job!

The job came out awesome.... and the Ready Mix company that hired us, as well as the homeowners, were extremely happy. They were actually pleased that we were able to compliment the "Integral concrete" color look they preferred on their home, and especially that we are able to produce a "consistent inconsistency" throughout.

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Concrete Remodelers coloration system creates a perfect complement to the imported Jerusalem stone.
Rancho Santa Fe Pool Deck - Case Study
Jerusalem Stone

The existing pool deck concrete was made up of old and new pieces that did not match. The goal was to save the concrete from demolition because it was in good condition.

Some of the concrete was replaced and the new integral color did not match. No problem for Concrete Remodelers.
Remodeling of mismatched concrete at Rancho Santa Fe pool deck.

Notice the variety of existing concrete colors. Some of the concrete was replaced and the integral color did not match.

Concrete Remodelers: "Your concrete, made beautiful,...Quickly"
Now that's ugly concrete!

With the new Jerusalem stone installation complete, the landscape architect partnered with Concrete Remodelers to develop the coloration scheme that would soon complement the overall aesthetic objective.

Getting rid of the outdated terra cotta concrete color.
Getting rid of the outdated terra cotta concrete color.

There comes a time when the color of concrete just looks ugly! It's time to call Concrete Remodelers to modernize your home and become the envy of the neighborhood.

Terra cotta and brown, the concrete was outdated ad mismatched.
Resurfacing and color remodeling of exterior concrete.

The existing pool deck concrete was made up of old and new pieces that did not match. The goal was to save the concrete from demolition because it was in good condition.

Custom concrete staining to match Jerusalem Stone on a San Diego poo deck.
A beautiful San Diego concrete pool deck featuring our Jerusalem Stone look.

Concrete Remodelers uses their proprietary CRO concrete coloration topping system to achieve amazing natural and organic results. Our goal is always to make our projects fit the architecture.

Concrete Remodelers custom coloration system creates a perfect complement to the imported Jerusalem stone.
Pool Deck Resurfacing and Color Remodeling complete the design intent.

Concrete Remodelers custom coloration systems are a hit once again.
They matched the new Jerusalem stone pavers. Now the home owners and the landscape architect's design was complete.

Another expert concrete coloration instalation by Concrete Remodelers.
"We can't wait to see what you're going to design !"

Your design is at the forefront of our mind. Your concepts are made possible because the flexibility of our proprietary system permits us to achieve amazing natural and organic results. Concrete compositions and aesthetics are at the heart of our purpose.

Expert coloration systems for Pool decks, walkways, patios, driveways, hardscape, landscapes
A quality concrete staining project by Concrete Remodelers.

Concrete Remodelers work speaks for itself. With their proven systems and methods, you are able to create the perfect environment. Concrete Remodelers are experts in their craft... aesthetic concrete.

We make custom colors and stains to enhance and improve your concrete problems.
No more mismatched ugly concrete colors!

Concrete Remodelers are innovators in the field of concrete aesthetics. With over 22 years of expert installations throughout the country, their work is known by the finest architects, designers and builders.

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