• Change existing stained surfaces to modernize outdated, tired colors.
    • Hide patches, trenches and blemishes.
    • Hide blotchy looking concrete and make it look new.
    • Go over existing sealed concrete, epoxies and painted surfaces. (Removal of peeling surfaces is required.)
    • Unlimited color schemes. Rich, pale, muted, pastel, antiqued, metallics, etc.
    • Closely replicate plain concrete, stained concrete, integral concrete, monotones, custom patterns and mottling.
    • Interior or exterior, commercial and residential, retail, corporate, institutional, parks and hardscapes.
    • Proprietary CRO and CRS Systems are unique and tested over one million square feet.
    • Remove MISMATCHED concrete into a uniform look.
    • Replicate the original look or Update to a modern color.


    • Restore and enhance the look of your faded stamped concrete colors.
    • Restore worn out acid stained concrete colors and sealers.
    • Restore most decorative concrete substrates to a great degree:
      • All concrete requires some maintenance. Every 2,3 or 4 years color and sealers will need to keep it beautiful and protected.  (This is much less expensive than to removing and re-pour thousands of square feet of new concrete.)
      • We HIDE and ReNew your concrete from the ugly effects of moisture, fading, settlement, and wear.
      • We are experts at restoring and changing color.


    • All decorative and architectural concretes require sealer maintenance to protect the beauty and longevity of your investment.
    • We deep clean before sealing.
    • Exterior hardscapes: Walkways, Patios, Pool Decks, Courtyards, Common areas, Driveways, etc.

CONCRETE COLORATION Experts for over 24 years.

    • Acid staining of interior and exterior concrete
    • CRO Concrete Remodelers unique proprietary systems
    • Non-reactive coloration systems
    • Vertical surface color systems
    • Opaque, translucent, mottled, patterned, metallic, custom colors.


ACID STAINING - Reactive Coloration - Standard Brands

    • All brands that we can resource
    • Custom mix designs
    • On-Site samples only (other surfaces will not react identical) -with contracts
    • Interior fine flooring: on new or old substrates
    • All Exterior concrete hardscape environments

NON-REACTIVE Coloration Stains - Standard Brands

    • These are only used upon request:
    • All brands that we can resource
    • Custom mixing
    • On site mock-ups - upon job start ( prep is required to replicate finished product)
    • Interior and exterior
    • On new or old, unsealed or uncolored concrete only

CONCRETE REMODELER Coloration Systems:


    • Opaque topping systems
    • Translucent staining systems
    • Restore, change or enhance the COLOR of:
      • Faded stamped concrete colors.
      • Worn out acid stained concrete colors and sealers.
      • Integral concrete
      • PAVERS
    • All Custom color mixes and combinations.
      • On-Site mock-ups only -with contracts.
    • Interior fine flooring: on new & old substrates.
      • Residential, Commercial.
      • Corporate, Institutional.
      • Retail, etc.
    • All Exterior concrete hardscapes.
    • Some Non-Concrete substrates upon approval.
    • We Remodel, Restore, and Enhance new or old concrete.
    • (See SERVICES section for additional descriptions.)



    • Exterior concrete sealer maintenance
    • Deep cleaning before sealing.
    • Exterior hardscape sealing of:
      • Walkways
      • Patios
      • Pool Decks
      • Courtyards
      • Common Areas
      • Driveways, etc.
    • Interior Sealer Restoration
      • Acrylic Sealers and Finish Systems
      • Commercial, Residential, Retail, Corporate, etc.
    • Polyaspartic Systems
    • Polyureas Systems
    • Polyurethane
    • Urethanes
    • Solvent Acrylic Lacquers
    • Water-based Hybrids

Concrete MATRIX ENHANCER Systems


    • Hydrostatic Pressure
    • Moisture Hydration
    • Water Vapor Migration
    • Alkali Efflorescence
    • and related moisture causing problems.

Concrete Patterns and Graphic Design Systems


    • Alternating Pattern Designs: Geometric and Freestyle
    • Custom graphic components
    • Sandblasted stencil graphics
    • Custom Mottling and Metallic Finishes



  • Interior Flooring
  • Exterior Substrates
    • Landscape Hardscaping
      • Walkways, Driveways
      • Patios, Pool Decks
      • Courtyards
      • Concrete, Pavers, Stamped
    • Architectural Hardscapes
      • Seatwalls, Benches
      • Vertical Features
      • Fountain Exteriors



    • Interiors & Exteriors
    • Lobbies
    • Common Rooms
    • Workout Areas
    • Courtyard Areas
    • Corridors
    • Hallways
    • Walkways
    • Patios
    • Pool Decks



    • Interiors & Exteriors
    • Retail and Restaurants
    • Showrooms
    • Shopping Center Walkways
    • Courts and Common Areas



    • Corridors
    • Lobbies
    • Common Areas
    • Vestibules



    • Hospital Landscape Hardscapes
    • Churches