Mismatched Concrete Areas

A large percentage of today’s properties were built over twenty years ago.  Old concrete loses it’s curb appeal and looks neglected.  In most cases the owner’s are trying their best to maintain the concrete by having it washed and degreased to remove oils and stains. With enough of the elements attacking your concrete over the years, it’s appeal reaches that “point-of-diminishing-returns”.  Washing and cleaning alone will not bring back that new look and it’s now time to call Concrete Remodelers.

The featured picture in this articles had a concrete driveway with many areas of mismatched concrete colors.

Over the years tree roots and ground movement caused cracks and lifting.  Maintenance involves tearing out concrete pieces and then removing the roots.  The concrete color was mismatched because new concrete pours are difficult to match against the faded uneven old color.

Almost all concrete is ugly. We’ve simply come to accept it. Even regular gray concrete isn’t immune from being plain ugly.  In most cases, Concrete Remodelers can transform your ugly hardscapes into the newest designer concrete in your community!  Even if you’re tired of the existing color, we will change color schemes and modernize that exterior concrete. Increase that “curb appeal” while you also increase it’s value!

Most popular concrete coloration brands don’t allow the staining or coloration of existing sealed concrete. That’s exactly what sets us apart from the crowd.   The answer is a definite YES!  Our proprietary CRO coloration systems were designed specifically to hide the ugliest patches, stains, and non-matching colors, and produce some of the finest quality concrete aesthetics in our industry.

You will have a stunning new stained concrete.

OUR SYSTEMS ARE “Maintainable”!  This concept is the fixing of the problem spots only, if problems reappear.  Much like fixing a dent on an automobile, you don’t get the whole car re-painted, you only need to fix the spot!  Most systems out there can’t be spot fixed without it leaving an obvious blotch.  We have installations on driveways, walkways, patios and pool decks AND may of the most beautiful interiors too!

Let our experience and confidence be your peace.  Email us for an appointment today! We have serviced San Diego for over 24 years.