Become the Maestro of  your very own creation!  With Concrete Remodelers’ CRO Coloration Systems, we don’t guess at what color we might end up with, we go “right to the color and the look” you’re after.

We help you take the guess work out!  Our extensive knowledge and experience spans over seven million square feet of installations and 24 years.

We will partner with you to determine the look and color schemes you are after. The goal color scheme as well as the substrate limitations will determine what system we must incorporate. Once the colors are custom mixed for the project, we develop the methods needed to achieve the mottling, variegation or subtleness you want.  We invite you to help establish the balances of movement and color.  From there, we take over and professionally complete your masterpiece.  Almost instantly your composition adds value and will give you personal satisfaction.  We select the right coloration system for success.  Some coloration systems are very complex, requiring multiple processes. The finished job will bring you satisfaction knowing you helped to create it!

Of course we also welcome those customers that simply show us an example of what they want from magazines or photographs. And that will be enough for us to deliver the look you’re after.

All we do is “Concrete Aesthetics”.  Most of our work comes through referrals from property owners, designers, and builders we’ve worked with. We have produced several million square feet of beautiful installations throughout San Diego, Southern California and many States too!

As with every trade, it’s important to consider using professionals who are experts at their craft.  We’ve been in this business since 1994, the beginning of the decorative concrete revolution. We impacted the decorative concrete industry through the inventing and development of many systems and methods used throughout the industry.

When you partner with Concrete Remodelers for your concrete coloration and restoration projects, you can be certain that we make every effort to produce the look, coloration and composition you are desiring.  Collect your favorite pictures, magazines, samples or color chips, and with your assistance and imagination, together we will  create an impressive look.  Consider us for your exterior hardscape or interior flooring project and relieve yourself of any anxiety.

We work on small and large residential exteriors and interiors.  Asset improvements in corporate, commercial and retail facilities enhancing, improving or solving challenges that increase function and value of your properties. Don’t hesitate, call or email. Let’s talk about your vision for that project.