Our entire function at Concrete Remodelers is to create, restore or remodel the look of concrete.

We know, every concrete stain company claims to the same thing, but at Concrete Remodelers we live by our claim because all we do is concrete aesthetics. From the early 1990’s our history has included some major innovations and developments that resulted in a huge impact on the aesthetic concrete revolution that was just starting, and we are still working to develop new cutting-edge systems today.

2. Here at Concrete Remodelers, we know concrete! Our years of experience and research have enabled us to “read” by visually looking at your concrete to determine its condition. It’s second nature to us. For example, we know that moisture adversely works against concrete, so we can look for signs of damage when we inspect a project.  It’s so important to preempt and prevent the effects of moisture as much as possible, whenever it is possible. Every project is different, but we are well trained to evaluate the condition of your concrete and find a solution. If we can’t find a solution, we won’t sell you a system. We will give you our honest opinion.

3. CRO coloration is a “Maintainable” system. Once a project is installed and completed, future repairs only need to be limited to the damaged areas, not the entire project: like repairing a damaged fender on a car.

4. We have been in the business long enough to learn that all concrete and concrete aesthetics require some maintenance depending on the type of coloration or the environmental impacts affecting it daily.

We created our unique CRO and CRS Systems to give us the ability to restore old, blotchy, patched or damaged concrete surfaces. We take mismatched concrete and convert it into uniform and modern architectural environments. We can enhance or completely change the color schemes of existing stained, sealed or epoxied concrete, and create minimalistic, elegant or even complicated configurations on interior and exterior concrete. Whatever you can dream, we can help create.

Concrete Remodelers isn’t your everyday staining company…

Here are questions most customers want to know;

What type of coloration and staining does Concrete Remodelers specialize in?

    • We are experts at installing acid stains, non-reactive and our CRO colorations systems and toppings.
    • We have installed several million square feet (7m+) throughout the country of each.
    • We develop custom systems and solutions.

Can Concrete Remodelers stain an old concrete floors?

    • Yes, we can stain on almost every concrete surface. We also stain vertical surfaces.
    • On new concrete, we need to wait a minimum of 28 days, depending on the thickness and exposure to rain.
    • On interiors with thermo heating and thin concrete pours (under 2.5” thick), we can begin as early as 2-3 weeks.
      • The goal is to not enter too early that the cleaning preparation does not remove the tight, hard troweled surface.

What makes Concrete Remodelers’ CRO different?

    • When we spot possible concerns with a prospective customers concrete, we have a propensity to care and to explain any limitations up front, based on our evaluation of the clients concrete conditions.
      • We sincerely want our clients to know if their concrete is riddled with problems.
      • We will explain possible solutions and what to expect in terms of longevity or future care.
      • We will recommend the systems with the best success rates for the combination of design goals and limitations.
    • We have the knowledge and experience to use substrates with the ugliest patterns and blemishes.
    • Our unique CRO coloration system allows us to hide patches, blotches, mismatched concrete, etc.
    • CRO allows us to go right to the color without guessing.
    • CRO allows us to stain in almost an unlimited color palette.  Including pastels, some metallic, etc.
    • Damage to our installation will only require a repair to the isolated areas.
    • CRO allows us to turn any existing sound substrate into the most beautiful compositions;
  • INCLUDING going over existing:
        • Stained concrete
        • Sealed concrete
        • Epoxies
        • Toppings
        • Stamped concrete
        • Pavers
        • Vertical veneers and concrete dry stack veneers
    • CRO has been installed in over a million square feet since 1998.

Does Concrete Remodelers pour concrete?

    • No, we have shifted our focus to working on new, old or textred substrates. Once leading experts in concrete countertops and engineered toppings, we have chosen to let this market go.
      • In certain occasions, we will install thin skim coatings.
    • Toppings and concrete pours are referred over to our friends: a trusted network of experts.
      • Many up and coming specialty contractors are extremely eager and willing to attempt counter-top installations at extremely low prices.

What does concrete coloration and stain cost?

Every project is completely different from the last.  Some properties have many rooms or specialty trim. Other projects may have a moisture issue and yet another has adhesives. An exterior deck may be faded, but previously sealed. And yet another may require us to work weekends.  These are factors that affect the cost of a project. We believe our prices are not only fair but justified based on the labor intensity and costs of hybrid chemicals and systems. Some systems involve several layers of matrix enhancers, primers, toppings and base coats, hardeners and stain layers, sealers and finishes. All custom installed and hand-crafted on site.

    • While mass-produced-manufactured tile flooring costs an average of $5.00 a square foot to install, usually this cost doesn’t include the price of the tile.  Some specialty tiles will cost up to $22.00 a square foot just for installation and another $20-$50 a square foot for the stone or tile.
    • Click here-> ____ to read an article referring to floor pricing.
    • Prices start at $4.00 a square foot for exterior work. Interior floors start at $5.50 and vary widely depending on conditions, volume, problem substrates, complexity of design, coloration system and sealer systems.
    • Just like “tiles” one cannot simply put a price on “tile” as they can range from 50¢ to $50 a square foot.
      • Based on volume
      • Wage rates required
      • Insurance risk requirements
      • Complexity
      • Risks and limitations
    • In general, we are very competitive and we are experts that have been trusted by general contractors, architects and designers for over 25 years.

What notable projects have you produced ?

    • Our largest project is Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres.
      • 413,00 square feet of reactive sealers and
      • 36,000 square feet of acid stains.
    • St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church in Poway
      • Project of the Year
    • Spirit of Christ Catholic Church in Denver
      • This project beat Denver  Bronco Stadium for best project and won 7 Ace awards.
    • Showplace! High Point, North Carolina
      • 72,000 square feet

Can you put stained concrete on a second floor?, A high rise LOFT?   

    • We are working on a system as of this writing.

CanConcrete Remodelers re-stain a stained concrete floor?

    • Yes, using our hybrid CRO system.

Can Concrete Remodelers color or stain integral colored concrete ?

    • Yes, using our hybrid CRO system.
    • We can make all the concrete areas uniform and eliminate the mismatched look.

Can Concrete Remodelers stain or color sealed concrete, painted  or epoxy floors?

    • Yes, using our hybrid CRO system.
    • We can use any sound substrate to go over.
    • We are as strong as the material that we are stuck to.