Rancho Santa Fe Pool Deck - Case Study
Jerusalem Stone
The goal was to save the existing concrete from demolition because it was in good condition.
The concrete was old and the colors did not match.
Once the Jerusalem stone was installed, we partnered with the landscape architect to establish the coloration scheme.
Outdated Terra Cotta concrete colors "shows its age".
The beautifully REMODELED concrete pool deck featuring Jerusalem Stone scheme.
Concrete Remodelers custom mixes their colors to achieve beautiful results.
"We can't wait to see what you design !"
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Mismatched Integral Concrete Pours
5 Different integral colors in a small area!
Mismatched concrete - BEFORE
No more mismatched color!
No, It's not Apocalyptic Zombie Concrete!
This is what moisture problems in concrete looks like.
Moisture causes blotchy patterns!
Yeah, ISN'T IT NICE ? ... it's almost scary!
But it's BLANK
Your days of “Zombie sacrificing altar” concrete are over!
Call Concrete Remodelers to save the day!!!
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